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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So this update is about a month late but I blame my cute new husband for that. For some weird reason, in our apartment, the internet does not like my laptop and refuses to connect to it. Since I work all day, I've been asking David to get it fixed for a month now but he just hasn't gotten to it. What else does he have to do all day? Go to meetings? Write scripts for the new clients? Film all day? Psshh...

Anyway, WE'RE MARRIED!!!

This post isn't going to be the whole thing but I figured I'd better blog something so that I have to actually come back and finish it. Life has been a crazy bunch of adjustments but a fun ride so far.

We got married on October 21, 2011 in the Sacramento Temple. It was beautiful. Many of David's sweet family members made the trip to be there and we couldn't be more grateful. Many of my amazing family and friends were there also to make the day complete. Other than a couple of hiccups in the morning, the day went very smoothly. The nice thing about being the one getting married is that you get to relax and let everyone else help. And I had no shortage of great people more than willing to set up and take down and everything else in between.

The honeymoon was a pure adventure. I had never been to Mexico and it had been a while since I had spent time at the beach so the whole week in tropical paradise was a week to remember. We found so much to do and I experienced so many new things, but I'd have to say that one of my favorite things about it  was hearing Dave speaking Spanish everywhere we went. He served his mission in Venezuela so it was cute to see him making conversation with the locals and it definitely made me feel good to know that wherever we went, we would be able to communicate to people. I will blog more and post pics later.

Like I said earlier, it's all about the adjustments right now. Living with a boy who has had very little experience with living with girls (David has 6 brothers and his oldest sister moved out when he was young and by the time he moved out, his younger sister was still pretty little) has me nagging about things like putting the toilet seat down and rinsing away facial hair clippings in the sink. But regardless of all the day to day changes of sharing space and dealing with two different opinions on EVERYTHING, life has also been absolutely wonderful. I could not imagine a more sweet, caring, patient, sacrificing, totally entertaining man to marry.

Married life is truly going to be an adventure and I am excited to get to weather the storms and revel in the bliss with an amazing person by my side.