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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


On my 24th birthday, I got the best present I've ever gotten.

A DOG!!!

For anyone who knows me, I am an animal freak. From dogs to cats to lizards to horses, all animals seem to make me melt. I always grew up with animals in the house. We've had a dog, three cats, a bird, three snakes, two hamsters, two rats, and multiple fish. Not all at the same time of course! But since I was always surrounded by animals, the last few years living on my own has felt like I've been missing something. That hole is now filled!

Dave told me a couple of days before my birthday that he saw an ad on KSL for an eleven week old labradoodle puppy in Idaho. We had talked about getting a dog when we first got married and decided to hold off so that we can get used to married life before we bring in the madness of a puppy. That's what I thought that we agreed on anyway. When he brought it up during dinner, I couldn't help but get overjoyed by the idea of getting a dog so soon. The next day, my joy was crushed when Dave told me that the puppy had been sold. I was so bummed because I knew that that dog was a winner for Dave because he was a black labradoodle that has curly non-shedding hair and was also a great price which met all the criteria for him. I tried to convince him to look at other puppies since he had now gotten the idea seared in my mind but every dog I suggested wasn't what he wanted. So I finally accepted that I would be getting no furry friends anytime soon.

The morning of my birthday I was awoken with a bouncy, hairy, slobbery surprise! A beautiful black labradoodle puppy with a ribbon around his neck. He was absolutely perfect. The rest of the day was spent getting him his things, playing with him, and just enjoying the sweet little guy.

We named him Indy because Dave is completely obsessed with the character of Indiana Jones. And to avoid him wanting to name any of our future kids after him, I decided that naming the dog would be a way to do that and it totally suits him anyway. He has the best personality. He is playful yet not too hyper, loving but not too needy, and so smart. He got used to our apartment very quickly became house broken pretty quickly and already knows how to sit, stay, and fetch. We are having the best time with our puppy. The best part is the relationship that Dave has with him. I always imagined that since he never had a dog and never seemed to interested in animals that he would get me a puppy to make me happy but then just get bored of it and then ignore it for the rest of his life. Not so! They love each other so much. Indy follows Dave around everywhere (even the bathroom and needs to get shooed out) and he listens and obey him so well. When we are driving, Indy always goes and lays on Dave's lap and always seems to be looking for approval from him. I don't even mind that he likes him better because just seeing them together warms my heart.

We are both looking forward to many fun filled years with this faithful little companion by our sides.