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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mexico Cruise

In late February, while everyone here in Utah was freezing their butts off and praying for an early spring, Dave and I and some fun friends got to soak up the sun on a cruise to the Mexican riviera! 

Be jealous.

This vacation was long awaited for. I know, I know, we just got back from our honeymoon in Mexico in October, but we literally planned this cruise back in July so it's been a countdown since. The friends we got to go with were Mikkel and Ashley Chadburn, Jer and Julz Thorne, and Matt and Meredith Nickle. They boys are all old friends of David's and they just happen to have amazing, super cool wives so when we all come together, a good time is inevitable. It was actually the first meeting with all but the Chadburns for me when we decided that we liked each other enough to spend a week with eacho ther on a ship.

The cruise was awesome to say the least. We did so much and made so many memories that naturally, it was hard to get back to normal life afterwards. That and the ground felt like it was still moving... Anyway, here are some highlights from the trip that brings a smile to my face anytime I think about them:

* Us girls dancing on the empty dance club floor like maniacs while people looked on rather frightened and wondered what we had been drinking.

*Going to the comedy show expecting a few mediocre comedians and getting surprised by GEORGE LOPEZ!

*Playing 5 Crowns with the girls, trying to pry the boys away from their precious Mexican Train game, and learning how to play team Nertz but still getting whooped by Julz playing single. 

*Getting an excuse to dress up for the formals nights and wanting to kick off the heels after only an hour.

*Stuffing ourselves with delicious food and learning a hard lesson about gluttony. 

*Coming back to the room each night and finding a very obscure towel creature on our bed.

*Sunbathing on Lover's Beach in Cabo and almost getting killed by a giant wave because Dave just insisted on trying to get past some scary rocks to get to the other beach.

*Watching Ashley get hypnotized on stage and lead the rumba and hysterically  cry when she thought she saw a little dog get killed.

*ONE OF MY DREAMS CAME TRUE when I got to hold a baby tiger. We were walking around in Cabo and walked past a booth that was there to raise money for the wildlife reserve in Mexico city and had a baby tiger and jaguar. It caught me so off guard that I cried, wait sobbed when I saw the babies. Holding them was literally one of the best moment of my life which people may or may not make fun of me for. 

*The day the boys all accidentally matched wearing all red with similar print t shirts. Lets just say it was very easy to keep track of them that day.

*Watching the boys build a mote at the beach and having to remember that they were all 30 years old. 

*Hearing Dave sing "A Part of That World" at karaoke night and then getting voted to be Elton John at the Carnival Legends show.

*Celebrating Dave's 31st birthday by going to Puerto Vallarta and giving him his first pair of real Ray Ban sunglasses.

*Zip lining at the place where Predator was filmed and getting to see the actually helicopter from the movie.

*Eating GREAT authentic Mexican food and some whole in the wall restaurant in the city.

*Meeting a couple who had been married for 62 years talking to them for over an hour. They also ended up on the Newlywed Game on the Cruise too. Found out the the secret to a long happy marriage is actually liking each other. Who knew???

*Watching Dave Perform "Crocodile Rock" as Elton John at the Carnival Legends show which he was great and of course hilarious as usual.

There are so many more great memories but those snipits should do for now. I can't wait til we get to do something else big like this with the Crew as we call us and go crazy, be lazy, eat way too much and also just forget for a short while the life we left behind for the carefree days of a good ol vacation.

Here are some pics to look at too to help you be jealous if you aren't already: