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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Backstage Passes

Most days I feel like my life is somewhere between average and boring. Its probably is more exciting than I give it credit for, but its just hard to remember when life's routines take over and the day to day is forgettable.

Well this last Wednesday was a little out of the ordinary and most definitely not boring...

First off, our dear friends Matt and Meredith Nickle flew here to LA and we were graced with their lovely faces. The reason for the trip is actually pretty cool. Matt and a few of his friends made a video of them drumming (more like smacking) on a big guy's belly. Since all of them are talented drummers, the video was both highly entertaining and very funny. Turns out Jimmy Kimmel had the same opinion and they were asked to come to LA and perform it on stage in a bit called "Can They Do It Live?" Naturally we wanted to take the opportunity to tag along and we did! Backstage passes to the greenroom for VIP treatment and lots of free food.

If you didn't tune into Jimmy Kimmel LIVE on Wednesday, February 20th, then you missed out! The guys did a great job and were even featured in several parts throughout the show. The only thing that could have made the night better would be meeting the man himself but even without experiencing that, I'd say the night was pretty dang exciting and not at all average or boring.